A unifying thread across grades and cultures

with Henri Picciotto

Monday-Friday July 19-23, 2021
10:00 a.m. to noon, Pacific Time
plus some asynchronous reflection and collaboration time

Hosted online by Atrium School Summer Math Institute (Watertown, MA)

Symmetric designs are found in virtually every culture, and are interesting to students across the grades. We will use that as a foundation for lessons about essential and enrichment math topics for grades 6-8. This approach will allow us to build on student creativity while furthering their visual sense and their mathematical growth.

We will explore line and rotational symmetry with activities using manipulatives and free online platforms. We will discuss rosette symmetry (finite figures), frieze symmetry (infinite designs that extend in one dimension), and wallpaper symmetry (two-dimensional designs and tessellations).

Along the way, we will analyze examples from all over the world and touch on the following concepts: special triangles and quadrilaterals, regular polygons, factors and multiples, rigid motions, and dilation.

Participants will receive the needed manipulatives and handouts in the mail. For some of the work we will be using online manipulatives. Some of the content will be drawn from the Symmetry material on my website.

Participants will also get to join short sessions on assorted topics, and do math together as part of a Math Teachers' Circle.

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