Henri Picciotto's Workshops
Summer 2021


This site is where you will find information, handouts, and links for Henri Picciotto's summer 2021 online workshops.

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I will close the site in December.

2021 Plans

I hope to present two online workshops. To register, click the links below.

Both workshops will consist of two-hour sessions, 10am-noon PDT, plus some asynchronous collaboration and reflection time.

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Almost everything on this site is copyrighted and covered by a Creative Commons license.

In brief: you may download and duplicate materials for any non-commercial use, as long as you credit me (Henri Picciotto) and my Web site (www.MathEducation.page). Any items that were developed by other authors are subject to the same guidelines, but of course for those you should credit their author, not me.

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Continuing Education / Graduate School Units

As it stands now, no units are available, given the new format and the pandemic disruption. If that changes, I'll post the information here.


About registration and logistics contact the host schools. (See links above.)

About the content of the workshops, you can e-mail me, and I'll do my best to answer, but look through this site first, as it may have the answers you're looking for.


Without the in-person time, this will be a different experience. But on the positive side, it will be less expensive, and you can attend from wherever you are!

I am happy to offer a workshop for your school or district.
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