What to Bring

The Carroll School will provide the manipulatives and other materials for the hands-on activities.

If you can bring a laptop, please do. If you cannot, bring a tablet. If you cannot bring either, we'll team you up with another participant for those activities.

We will be using GeoGebra to demonstrate some key ideas, and to complement geometric construction with straightedge / compass / patty paper. This is not at all the main part of the workshop, but it is an additional item in your toolkit. I know from many years of experience that interactive geometry software is a huge help in student learning. . GeoGebra is a free interactive math application, available for all platforms.

Please download GeoGebra before the workshop, so we can spend our time together doing math and discussing pedagogy, not installing software. And if you can spend a little time familiarizing yourself with it, all the better. Please do not leave this to the last minute. I will not be able to take workshop time to help you. Download it here.

Even if you need to use tablets at school, I strongly recommend you bring a laptop, as GeoGebra on a computer has more features, and is easier to use. Moreover, I am more familiar with it, and will be better able to help you. It will not be difficult to transfer what you know to a tablet when you get back to your school. Likewise, I recommend you work along with us with GeoGebra, even if you wish to transfer the activities to Geometer's Sketchpad, Cabri, or some other interactive geometry application when you get back home.

If you encounter difficulties, e-mail me and I'll try to help.