What to Bring

I know from many years of experience that interactive geometry software is a huge help in doing this work. It makes many otherwise very challenging ideas vastly more accessible to students, and even to teachers.

If you can bring a laptop, please do. If you cannot, please let me know.

For much of the work, we will be using GeoGebra, a free interactive math program. Download it here. You have two choices: "Math Calculators" and "GeoGebra Classic". I have been assured that the two versions are interchangeable as far as what they can do, and files saved in one can be opened in the other. So far, I have found this to be true. You can also use GeoGebra on a browser, without downloading anything. All versions look and behave the same, including on a tablet, except for "GeoGebra Classic" (aka GeoGebra 5), which has more of a traditional computer interface. I am more familiar with "GeoGebra Classic", but I will try to get used to the new version in time for the workshop. The main shortcoming of the new version is that saving files on your own computer is quite a bit more awkward. In any case, don't stress about this: you will be able to use any (current) version of GeoGebra during the workshop.

If you are new to GeoGebra, please try to familiarize yourself with it before the workshop. Doing so will make our time together more productive, and your workshop experience more about math, less about software.

Even if you need to use tablets at school, I recommend you bring a laptop, as GeoGebra on a computer is easier to use. It will not be difficult to transfer what you know to a tablet when you get back to your school. Likewise, I recommend you work along with us with GeoGebra, even if you wish to transfer the activities to Geometer's Sketchpad, Cabri, or some other interactive geometry application when you get back home.

If you encounter difficulties, e-mail me and I'll try to help.