Some of the handouts are pretty much ready to use with students. Others are in an early draft. Some are suitable to grades 8-11, and some are best saved for a precalculus or Year 4 course, or just used in helping to develop teachers' mathematical understanding of this domain.

Many of the handouts are excerpted from (possibly more complete or more recently updated) files available on my Web site's Transformational Geometry page. Some of those include possibly useful teacher notes.


See also the Resources page.


As time marches on, I may have a chance to improve those units, organize them in a reasonable sequence, and add to them. If you want to keep up with this, you should follow my blog, where I announce new material, or subscribe to my newsletter. I'm on Twitter as @hpicciotto.

Note for example that the "Symmetry Definitions" handout is sure to be revised soon.