◊  This is a tentative schedule, based on my best estimate of how long things take. Topics may move or vanish.
◊  Because of the cumulative nature of some of the work, it is important to attend everything.
◊  We will start and end on time every day.

Daily Schedule

9:00-12:00 Morning Session 

1:00-3:30 Afternoon Session

Day 1


Welcome: transformations and the Common Core

Geometric mappings: defining transformations, isometries; what is preserved? 

GeoGebra basics


Isometries in GeoGebra: learning the tools, compositions

Symmetry: introduction, recognizing and creating rosette symmetries, formal definition

Day 2


Congruence and similarity in the Common Core

Rethinking proof: geometric construction, triangle congruence


Computing images: complex numbers, matrices 

Abstract algebra: finite groups, symmetry groups

Day 3


More proof: symmetry definitions for special triangles and quadrilaterals, proving theorems 

Isometries: the fundamental theorems


Transforming graphs: all parabolas are similar, all exponential curves are similar 

More symmetry: friezes, wallpapers