Schedule (July)

This is a tentative schedule, based on my best estimate of how long things take. Topics may move forward or back, or vanish. This is especially true because while I have run versions of this workshop many times, this is the first time I do it online.

Because of the cumulative nature of some of the work, it is important to attend everything. 

We will start and end on time every day.

I will be available asynchronously outside of the scheduled time if needed. Post questions in our channel on Slack.


In order for this to work for everyone, I'm asking for everyone's help.

Homework: Because we'll only have an hour a day for the workshop proper, I have moved some of the work to a daily "homework" assignment. I'm hoping that all of you not only will do an hour's worth of work outside of our Zoom time, but that you will also share your work with the others. There will be a Google document where you can post your discoveries, plus we have a Slack channel, and several informal Zoom sessions outside of the regular schedule.

Participation:  During our Zoom sessions, keep your video on and your sound muted. However, do not hesitate to raise your virtual hand if you have a question or answer to share, and to unmute yourself. Also, given the visual nature of this work, I'm hoping you can hold up your sketches to the camera, or share your screen, or take photos and post those...

Honor System: Don't look up answers on the Web or elsewhere during or prior to our sessions!

Groups: I will sometimes divide you into groups of 3 or 4. Make sure everyone is in the conversation!

Help! I do have some expertise on hands-on geometry, but I'm guessing that most of you, or perhaps all of you, have a lot more experience teaching remotely than I do. I got a crash course on this from Liz, and I've tried to set things up to keep things collaborative and interactive. I hope you'll all pitch in to help me deal with the technology!


July 20-24 

All times are Eastern / Pacific

Links below are for what you will need during the session and homework. 
There are many more relevant links on the Resources page. If I forgot some, remind me in Slack and I'll add them!


You will need: pattern blocks if you have them
Links to online pattern blocks: Math Learning Center | Toy Theater
 unlined paper, scissors, colored pen(cil)s, adhesive tape or glue stick

12:45 / 9:45  Welcome, Institute norms (Atrium Zoom link)
1:00 / 10:00  Hands-On Geometry (geometry Zoom link)
Angles: pattern block angles, walking angles, angles in polygons, convex polygons
Angles Around a Point Find the slide with your group number. 
(use p. 1 of the packet for your own records)
Real World Angles Find the slide with your group number. 
2:00 / 11:00  Keynote: Marian Dingle (Atrium Zoom link)
3:00 / noon  End
Homework: Assignment | Shares


You will need: grid paper, template, unlined paper , colored pen(cil)s

12:45 / 9:45  Gather informally with participants in all the workshops (Atrium Zoom link)
1:00 / 10:00  Math Teachers' Circle with me (Henri): Grid Paper Explorations
Online grid paper
Polyomino Perimeter
Lattice Polygons
2:00 11:00  Hands-On Geometry (geometry Zoom link)
Polygons: tiling,  regular polygons, special triangles and quadrilaterals
Recognizing Symmetries Find the slide with your group number.
Symmetric Polygons Scroll to find your group.
3:00 / noon  If you can, stick around for informal chat, Q&A, homework collaboration
3:30 / 12:30  End


You will need: grid paper, or online grid paper (works well on computer), 
                         or Jamboard grid paper (works well on tablet)

12:30 / 9:30  Gather informally for informal chat, Q&A, and homework sharing (geometry Zoom link) — optional!
1:00 / 10:00  Hands-On Geometry (geometry Zoom link. If you gathered informally, you're already there.
Area: formulas, Pythagorean theorem
Visual Proofs (best for sharing with everyone — if no one in your group has a tablet, share another way)
2:00 11:00  Tools for distance learning  (Atrium Zoom link)
3:00 / noon  End
Homework: Assignment | Shares


You will need: grid paper, unlined paper, tangrams, superTangrams
Online tangrams: mine | Mathigon (scroll down)

12:45 / 9:45  Gather informally with participants in all the workshops (Atrium Zoom link)
1:00 / 10:00  Math Teachers' Circle with Liz: Gerrymandering
2:00 11:00  Hands-On Geometry  (geometry Zoom link)
        More Polygons: tangrams, superTangrams, congruence, similarity, isometries
Leonardo's Shapes Find the slides with your group number.
Tangram Polygons
Finding the Supertangrams  Find the slide with your group number.

3:00 / noon  If you can, stick around for informal chat, Q&A, homework collaboration
3:30 / 12:30  End
Homework: Assignment | Shares


You will need: grid paper, pentominoes, superTangrams, template
One-inch graph paper (if you have a printer — 
    however make sure the printed grid is exactly one-inch squares, or very close)
Mathigon (scroll down) has virtual pentominoes, but be careful: you can easily get multiple copies of the same piece, which is good for tiling, but not for puzzles. Good for screen sharing, though!

12:30 9:30  Gather informally for informal chat, Q&A, and homework sharing (geometry Zoom link)
1:00 / 10:00  Hands-On Geometry 
Scaling: pentomino rectangles, solving and creating scaling puzzles, isometries, rep-tiles
2:00 11:00  "My Favorites" session and closing reflection.  (Atrium Zoom link)
3:00 / noon  End