Because this workshop is happening online, I will not be able to supply all the needed materials to you. Here is a list of what you will need in order to participate. I will update this page as I gather more information.

What you will get in the mail (July)

The host school will send these materials to you:
  • tangrams (one set)
  • a Geometry Labs template
  • pentominoes (one set)
  • supertangrams (one set)
  • handouts (a selection of pages you need to have on paper)
  • graph paper (a few sheets)

Virtual manipulatives you can use online

Pattern blocks: If you don't have physical pattern blocks, you will need to use virtual ones. I like these online implementations. Choose one!

Tangrams: I made some virtual tangrams has some nice ones on their Polypad page (scroll down). However be careful: you can just keep adding as many pieces as you want, which is not how tangrams are supposed to work.

I'll add more online manipulatives as I make or find them.

What you will need to provide

  • scissors
  • colored pens or pencils
  • plain unlined paper (any paper will work, but unlined is best)
  • grid paper

Optional, but helpful

  • Pattern blocks: you'll be able to use online pattern blocks, but if you can get some physical pattern blocks from school or order some for yourself, you will enjoy the corresponding activities more. See below.
  • You will receive pentominoes in the mail, but laser-cut, school-made pentominoes are better. See below.
  • Graph paper, with a heavier line on the inch.


Fairly easy to find -- shop around:

pattern blocks

(available in wood or plastic. Avoid the "foam" ones, because in my experience they are less accurately manufactured)


(based on 1-inch squares. I recommend pentominoes that are not scored between the squares, but unfortunately, they seem to no longer be available. If your school has a laser cutter, you can make your own using the file I share on my website.)


Available from Nasco:   

Geometry Labs template (template documentation: PDF)

Available only from me:
Supertangrams  Discounted to $3/set + shipping/handling.

DISCOUNT offers a 20% discount to participants in this workshop. Here is the fine print:
    I'll share the promo code on Slack.
    This offer will expire 12/31/2020.
    It excludes Eureka Math Kits & Kathy Richardson materials.
    It cannot be combined with any other offers.
    One-time use per customer