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Schedule (Synapse)

This is the schedule for the June 25-27 session at Synapse School in Silicon Valley. 
I will post the  schedule for the August 7-9 session at Atrium School near Boston when it becomes available.

◊  This is a tentative schedule, based on my best estimate of how long things take. Topics may move or vanish.
◊  Because of the cumulative nature of some of the work, it is important to attend everything.
◊  We will start on time every day.
◊  Mini-breakfast: 8:30 a.m. School day: 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.



Polyomino Perimeter: a discovery lesson connected to many algebra topics 

Welcome and Introductions

Story tables: powerful representation of order of operations and equation-solving (with Shira Helft)

Stairs and Slope: geoboard lessons


Electronic graphing: Stairs, Designs

Modeling with Graphs and Tables: "real world" connections, linear vs. non-linear cases

Lab Gear 1: introduction to algebra manipulatives, the area model



Letters and Postcards: linear inequalities

Lab Gear 2:  perimeter, combining like terms; factoring

Difference of squares


Lab Gear 3: minus, equations, signed numbers

Signed Numbers game



The McNuggets problem: a rich number-based problem

Function Diagrams: parallel axes representation of functions 

Lab Gear 4: perfect squares trinomials


Lab Gear 5: fractions, minus in the corner piece, completing the square 

Walking graphs

Wrap-up and closing: evaluation, reflection, implementation