What to Bring

The host school will provide the manipulatives and other materials for the hands-on activities.


I am hoping most of you can bring a laptop.
If that is impossible, bring a tablet or graphing calculator (preferably TI-eighty-something).
If that too is impossible, you'll have to share with a neighbor. 

You will get a lot more out of the workshop if you can bring a laptop.  

I am most proficient on the Mac, but the software we'll be using will run on any laptop.


We will mostly be using GeoGebra, a free math application which includes interactive geometry, a spreadsheet, and CAS.
Download it here.

Please download GeoGebra before the workshop, so we can spend our limited time together doing math and discussing pedagogy, not installing software. 

If you encounter difficulties, e-mail me and I'll try to help.  

In addition to GeoGebra, we'll use spreadsheets and electronic graphing. Those can be done in GeoGebra, but they can also be done using other software.