Geometry Labs

Much of the work we will do is based on my book Geometry Labs. I did not include a handout in the packet for every activity drawn from the book. Geometry Labs includes many more labs than I have time for in the workshop, plus answers and abundant teacher notes about all the labs. It is available for free download on my Web site. The site also includes corrections and extensions.

Angles: Chapter 1

Puzzles: Chapters 2, 4

Polygons: Chapter 3

Triangles and Quadrilaterals: Chapter 6

Tiling: Chapter 7

Area: Chapter 8

Pythagorean theorem: Chapter 9

Henri Picciotto’s Math Education Page

Some of the work will be based on material that is available elsewhere on my Web site. On some of those topics, there are many more documents available on the site than you have in your binder. You'll also find teacher notes, some answers / solutions, and pedagogical / philosophical comments. Relevant pages for additional materials and ideas:

Geometry Labs Template documentation


Kinesthetic Activities

Middle School


Worksheets for middle school

Blank "pie chart" worksheets, and a GeoGebra file to make your own blank pie charts.

Soccer Angles


Pythagorean theorem


Teaching Proof

Urban School’s Math 2

See also Transformations for transformational proof

Working with Pentominoes

by Henri Picciotto

working with pentominoes

Available from Didax. Includes an interactive DVD of the whole book which allows you to project any page, solve puzzles on-screen, search, and more. Until August 31, workshop participants can get 20% off on this and on my Lab Gear algebra manipulatives materials. Ask me for the discount code.