Henri Picciotto's Workshops


This site is where you will find information, handouts, and links for Henri Picciotto's summer 2017 workshops. 
Feel free to surf the whole site, which will continue to grow until July. 
I will close the site at some point between mid-December and mid-January.

Summer 2017 Plans

The Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA will host Hands-On Geometry (and Transformational Geometry. For a lot more information, see the links on the left.

I will lead a session on taxicab geometry as part of the American Institute of Mathematics summer immersion Math Teachers Circle. Handout.

I will make a presentation about Reaching the Full Range at Twitter Math Camp. For information and links on that topic, go to my Talks page.

I will offer a two-day workshop on algebra manipulatives for New York City public school teachers, as part of the NYC Dept of Education "Algebra for All" program. It will happen July 31-August 1, and August 2-3. 


Almost everything on this site is copyrighted and covered by a Creative Commons license. 
In brief: you may download and duplicate materials for any non-commercial use, as long as you credit me (Henri Picciotto) and my Web site (www.MathEducationPage.org). 

Continuing Education Units

For an extra fee, the USC Rossier School of Education will offer half a unit per day to participants in the geometry workshops. In other words, one unit for Hands-On Geometry, and 1.5 units for Transformational Geometry. 

Discount on Math Materials!

Didax, a publisher of math educational materials, agreed to offer a 20% discount on any and all of their products to participants in these workshops. Ask me for the discount code when I see you in person.


About registration and logistics in Oakland contact the Head-Royce School.

About the content of the workshops, you can e-mail me, and I'll do my best to answer.


I am happy to offer a workshop for your school or district. Contact me
More info: about me |  possible topics | consulting.)